Importance of Digitalizing

We belive documentation is an important part of the HR function. Our role is to make your HR function a success. The importance of digitalizing documents is based, among other things, on the following basic points.

  • No need to worry about Data Safety. With digitalization, we avoid the loss of records since they are all safe in a central documentary server. Gone are the days when you had to open your filing cabinet and look for files left, right and center. You can now easily find them categorized in your digitized documents.
  • More Time Saving where you avoid any loss of time since several people can retrieve the documents from different places and departments in case of actual files and documents. The documents are immediately retrieved by the person using the software, who is searching for the information in the event of document digitization. It saves a lot of time and effort that can go into something more productive.
  • Improved Security where access to information and documents is maintained in a secure and structured manner. You are in control to define the different access permissions to the data and documents within the document management system. It is one of the most important reasons to go for document digitization services.
  • Better Quality Control of changes in the documents and control of revisions and accesses that are made to the documents allow easy changes without spending money on paper. Hence, this also helps to maintain an eco-friendly environment.
  • Easy Collaboration and improved collaboration among users for the creation, modification, and management of the same documentation, is easier in the case of digitization. Files containing paper documents do not have to be passed or transferred to and for and between colleagues in the workplace.
  • Easy Processing, capturing, and extraction of information from paper documents and integration into the document management system as metadata become manifold easier with document digitization. There are features like OCR that read the text of a scanned document and automatically saves it.
  • Metadata for Easy Searches Metadata indexing- Metadata is attributes of a document eg Invoice will have an invoice number, invoice date, invoice amount, and customer ID all fields. For easy retrieval through custom searches becomes a convenient feature. It saves time and makes file finding quick and efficient.
  • Better integration, the program provides integration of document management system data with other company systems like ERP, CRM, the Web, Email, and Fax.
  • Easy to recover, recovering documents in the electronic format and the archival status of the physical copies become fast and reliable.
  • Easy to send and distribute Secure distribution through the output connectors of the documentation, which allow us to send by Email, Fax, SMS, Post Office, FTP, the Web. It can be done for any documents that we have integrated into the system

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