Methods to determine skill levels

We use many assessment methods to achieve such objectives. Our assessment activities include assessment tests. Our assessment methods also include assessment centers where assessment exercises are conducted. Assessment tests include various exercises to help decide the skill levels.

Assessment examples are many. One of which for example would be doing a presentation through which to assess the required skills. We provide assessments in the UAE, in the region, and in Africa. We also provide assessment training courses.

We offer psychometric testing in addition to 360 assessments.

In assessment, our specialty is employee assessment, the purpose of almost all assessments is to arrive at employee evaluation in terms of the skill that he or she needs or has.

There are many assessment types and there are many methods for skill levels. Kindly note that all our assessment services can be provided (online and offline).

We do use all these tools.

  • Aptitude and Ability Tests
  • Personality Tests
  • Job-specific Tests
  • Competency Tests