There are times when organizations feel they are doing enough for their employees but when they do a survey, the feedback turns out to be quite different. We believe that in any organization, there are areas of concerns that will always be there. The objective should be to find these areas of concern, resolve them and move ahead because tomorrow there are going to be other concerns. The surveys that we do help organizations understand what their employees or clients feel. It helps them in continuously improving the satisfaction levels, in the absence of which, organizations may become static and competition may surge ahead of them. We also do salary surveys which give an organization an understanding of what their competition is offering and what salaries are prevalent in the markets.

Peoplescope helps you assess the level of employee satisfaction that your organization offers.

Peoplescope helps the organizations to assess how engaged their employees are.
HelpĀ to measure how customers are happy with the their providers of products and services.
Help to measure product place in the market.
Peoplescope helps the organizations to measure how employees are paid in comparison with other employees working in other organizations.
Assess the level and the number of benefits employees receive from their employers.
The objective is to check how happy customers are with the product or the service they receive.
The focus person receives assessments by multiple raters. Peoplescope has the talent and the experience in this area.
The objective is to find how effective the teams are.
To measure how effective is the HR function in meeting of what is expected of it.
The aim is to find what people think with regards to a particular issue.