Competency Framework

Competency assessment is necessary for hiring a candidate, necessary for appraisals, necessary for promotion to the next job level and also necessary for designing a training plan. We do employ the 360 performance evaluation, a multi-rater tool, that gives an insight into the development needs of employees and it ensures the appraisal fairness, especially where the manager does not have direct, firsthand knowledge of their employees’ performance.

This is the process of identifying key competencies for a job.  The process does involve identifying the competencies of high performing employees in a particular role.  We map the required competencies for various job levels and Functions. This is central to all HR functions. Competency identification is needed for Recruitment, for Performance, for Promotions and for training & development. Peoplescope is equipped with the trained staff to perform such work.

Trained assessors assess candidates’ behavior and role competencies objectively and systematically against a set or a pre-established criteria. People scope has the experience and the skills to construct and run such assessment centers.

We also provide on line assessment and we generate reports based on these online assessments for groups and individuals at any time. These assessments are done on online basis. Reports are generated within a short period of time .In these reports we highlight the difference between desired and actual competency levels.

Peoplescope provides coaching services for different organizations. Our coaching aligns with the strategic goals of the individual organization to ensure successful outcomes. . Our coaches have a proven track record working with business leaders to deliver real business results.

Development centers uncover the development gaps in a way where it shows areas where development is required.