Assessment meaning is identifying the skills the person has . We use many assessment methods to achieve such objectives .Our assessment activities include assessment tests .our assessment methods include assessment centers where assessment exercises are conducted .Assessment tests include various exercise to help reach an objective assessment of the person skills .Assessment examples are many .one of which would be for example  doing a presentation to assess through it, the required skills. We provide assessment in Dubai and in Iraq  and elsewhere.We provide assessment training courses.

We also provide assessment help to businesses to ensure that assessment is done in the proper way and done through the appropriate assessment guides . We use many assessment tools,testing is one of them .


There are numerous personality types and each personality type describes your natural talent. For example, they describe how deep you want your relationship to be with other people, what are your top values and priorities and what motivates you, such assessment will help you to know yourself better. This is also important because it will indicate how you will use your talent in a working environment. All our tests are online.

Other than Psychometric testing which are designed to measure candidates’ suitability for a role based on the required personality characteristics, we do provide knowledge of subject matter testing where for example, you are about to select a person for a sales position and you want to find out how much knowledge on sales this person has .We could do this for many other jobs as well.

Our employee testing and assessment tools help the organizations in selecting the right candidates and in devising the right learning and development path for their employees. These tests could be used for training purposes to identify the developmental areas we also have tools that assess the leadership effectiveness of employees and the roles employee play in a particular role or in a particular team. In addition, these tests identify personality types and personality traits of your candidates and your employees.